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Venue address: Durban Jewish Centre, 44 K.E. Kasinga (Old Fort) Road. Durban.

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  Gypsy String Quintet   31st January Gypsy String Quintet
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  Daniel Chiobanu (Pianist)   21 February Daniel Chiobanu (Pianist)
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  Andrey & Maria Baranov (Violin & Piano)
  15 March
Andrey & Maria Baranov (Violin&Piano)
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  Sulayman Charlton Human & Jaqueline Martens (Piano & Violin)   25 April
Human & Martens (Piano & Violin)
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  Trio Frontier   23 May Trio Frontier
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  Baroque Chamber Group   6 June Baroque Chamber Group More Info

  Charl Du Plessis Trio   13 June Charl Du Plessis Trio More Info

  Trio Frontier   4 July Trio Frontier More Info

  Trio Esperanza   18 July Trio Esperanza More Info

  Gustavo Romero (Piano)   8 August Gustavo Romero (Piano) More Info

  Kayser Quartet with David Smith (Piano)   22 August Kayser Quartet with David Smith (Piano) More Info

  The Annual Beth Shalom Concert   27 August
The Annual Beth Shalom Concert More Info

  Siberian Trio   5 September Fidelio Trio More Info

  Siberian Trio   19 September Siberian Trio More Info

  Agnese Eglina (Piano)   3 October Agnese Eglina (Piano) More Info

  Dr Phillip Richardsen (Piano)   17 October Dr Phillip Richardsen (Piano) More Info

  Polish Duo (Piano and Cello)   14 November

Polish Duo (Piano and Cello)

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  Rising Stars   5 December Rising Stars More Info